Fortnite streamer who allegedly beat his wife granted conditional bail

MrDeadMoth is forbidden of assaulting, threatening, or intimidating his wife in any way.

Screengrab via MrDeadMoth

Australian Fortnite streamer MrDeadMoth was granted conditional bail after being charged with assault for allegedly beating his wife, New South Wales Police Force said in a statement.

“He has been charged with common assault,” the statement reads. “He was granted conditional bail to appear in Camden Local Court this Thursday (13 December 2018).” The statement also confirms that MrDeadMoth’s two daughters, one aged three and another 20 months, were at home when the event happened.

NSW Police Force said the woman isn’t seriously injured but “was distressed and shaken by the incident.” This led the police to serve an order that prohibits MrDeadMoth from assaulting, threatening, stalking, harassing, intimidating, or damaging anything that belongs to his wife. The police refrains from detailing if they restricted MrDeadMoth from residing at the family home, which can be an additional requirement of an apprehended violence order.

The order was served as a protection for the wife, and is often issued in cases of domestic violence. The statement doesn’t mention if the wife presented charges against MrDeadMoth

The NSW Police force arrested MrDeadMoth three hours after the alleged assault was livestreamed on Twitch.

Several clips of MrDeadMoth’s livestream on Twitch show parts of the event. Moth’s wife, who is not on camera, asks him to stop playing Fortnite. Moth says, “Can you not? I said I’ll be out soon.”

Moth went off camera until an audible smack is heard, and his wife can be heard crying. At this time, a young child can be also be heard in the background. His wife then screams, “Don’t hit me in the face! You hit me in the face! Don’t you dare touch my face!”

The pair continued arguing for several minutes while the stream was online. The clips of the broadcast were removed from Twitch since then, but some users caught the videos and published them on Twitter.

Since the event, MrDeadMoth’s Twitch channel has been deactivated as well. The NSW Police Force should provide updates about the case on Thursday.