Dr Lupo roasted Ninja, TimTheTatman, and others with no mercy at TwitchCon

The temperature at TwitchCon went up a couple degrees because of the roasts.

Screengrab via Locandro

TwitchCon started yesterday in San Jose, California, and popular Twitch personalities are already going for each other’s throats with light-hearted banter.

In a segment of TwitchCon called “The Roast of TimTheTatman,” Ben “Dr Lupo” Lupo took the stage to put Tim “TimTheTatman” John Betar in the hot seat. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Minnesota Twins pitcher Trevor May, and PJ “Action Jaxon” was also in attendance at the event, and Dr Lupo popped off against them as well.

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All of the featured streamers are friends behind the scenes, so none of the lines used in the roasting session crossed the line into personal stuff. Some of the best jokes from Dr Lupo’s hilarious roasting session are listed below.

To Trevor May:

  • “This man has a higher ERA (earned run average) than his KD (kill-death ratio) in any game he’s ever played.”
  • “I wonder what it’s like to be outclassed by Tim in two ways at the same time. He is both a better streamer and sells more jerseys than you.”

To Action Jaxon:

  • “You’re that guy at 24 Hour Fitness that grunts with every rep on the leg press machine when there’s only one plate on it.”

To Ninja:

  • “If you’re streaming career ever comes to an end, you just let me know, especially if you want to keep the hair dye thing going on. Here’s the plan: We’ll start a circus side show, we’ll dye it red, and we’ll call you the human tampon.”
  • “A lot of the people here in front of us are our viewers, which is what actually amazes me about you Tyler that you’re up here because most of your viewers are outside because of the age restriction.”

To TimTheTatman:

  • “You look like a prison yard teletubby.”
  • “You look like a public service announcement about why you should stay in school.”
  • “You look like the target demographic for Hot Topic’s new unhirable line.”
  • “You look like the kind of snowman my son makes out of mixed up colors of Play-Doh.”
  • “The man has a brand and he sticks to it—pumpkin spice lattes, a jeep with the doors and roof cut off so we can see him be adventurous, [and] he’s even posted pictures online of him dropping his son [Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar] off at an H1Z1 event.”
  • “Tim used to stream a lot of Overwatch. For those who didn’t know, he probably played it so much that because they used the same term for the most common game mode that Alexis [Tim’s girlfriend] used to describe Tim in bed—Quick Play.”
  • “The intervention of a higher power is the only way someone who was denied a job at Taco Bell could make it like this.”