TYLOO and INTZ are the first teams eliminated from the StarLadder Berlin Major

The Chinese team went home without winning a single map.

Photo via StarLadder

TYLOO and INTZ were the first teams to be eliminated during the New Challengers Stage at the StarLadder Berlin Major.

TYLOO were sent home without winning a single map in the tournament, their worst record at a CS:GO Major. The Chinese team faced two of the best teams in G2 and NRG and lost 10-16 in Overpass and 7-16 in Train, respectively.

Having to play the elimination match against Complexity, TYLOO almost won the first map of the series but ended up losing it in the overtime 20-22 in Overpass. This loss may have knocked TYLOO’s morale down a notch as they fell in the second map by a much larger margin.

INTZ took part in a Major for the first time this year. They left Berlin with a lot of things to improve but not without doubts of their own, since their best player Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe is reportedly joining MIBR after the Major.

KNgV- and his team suffered a huge loss to North 5-16 in Train. INTZ then went to play against Vitality in a series that could’ve easily ended 16-0 to the French side. Vitality made a flawless first half in the CT-side Mirage but couldn’t convert the second pistol round to close out the game 16-0. INTZ got fired up by their first round win and won the eight following rounds until Vitality finally managed to close the game in Mirage.

INTZ won their first map of the tournament in the best-of-three series against Grayhound in Nuke. But in the end, the Australian side proved to be the best squad and defeated the Brazilians in the final map Dust II by 16-7.

TYLOO have already made a roster change ahead the StarLadder Berlin Major, replacing Kevin “xccurate” Susanto with WingHei “Freeman” Cheung. The change didn’t make the team perform better and they may do another roster change after the Major. TYLOO were the first Asian team to reach top 10 in the HLTV ranking last year in August but are having a rough year so far in 2019.

As for INTZ, their future is uncertain. If they indeed lose kNgV- to MIBR, the only AWPer available that has proved himself against top level competition is Henrique “HEN1” Teles, who was put on Luminosity’s bench this week.

But being a Brazilian organization that has been making efforts to maintain a squad playing in the United States, INTZ will likely not have the money to buy HEN1, if his buyout is significantly expensive. Maybe it is time to INTZ return to Brazil as they were relegated to ESEA MDL last week and won’t have a ESL Pro League spot anymore.

Vitality, FURIA, HellRaisers, Syman, Complexity and, Grayhound will be fighting against elimination tomorrow at the StarLadder Berlin Major New Challengers Stage. You can keep up with the results and standings here.