The MP5 has officially returned to Counter-Strike

MP5 hype!

The MP5 is coming to Counter-Strike for the first time since Counter-Strike: Source. In CS:GO, it’s called the MP5-SD.

Valve hinted on Twitter earlier today that the MP5 silenced submachine gun is being implemented into CS:GO for the first time. The video showed a player picking up the weapon on Train and inspecting it, and the caption read, “Oh THAT’S where we put that…”

The developer further confirmed the return of the beloved SMG in a reply to caster Mohan “launders” Govindasamy. “Is it real???” Launders asked. Valve replied with a picture of caster James Bardolph shooting the gun in person, saying “Ask Bardolph.” Then Valve released a game update with the MP5-SD minutes after.

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In its current state, the MP5-SD is a high movement, low damage, and low accuracy weapon that can mow down enemies. Valve said that the new MP5 will be an alternative to the MP7, with the same price point of $1,500. To equip the MP5-SD in your loadout, you must replace the MP7 in the SMG category.

The MP5 was last playable in a Counter-Strike: Source, where it was featured in the SMG arsenal alongside the MAC-10, TMP, UMP, and P90. The biggest differences between CS:S and CS:GO are that there’s no TMP and there’s a silencer for the MP5 in CS:GO.

So far the community response to the MP5 release is overwhelmingly positive, mainly due to the nostalgia of the MP5 in past games like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source.

As for the current in-game meta, be ready to see a whole lot of MP5’s during buy rounds and force buys.