Panorama UI is finally out of beta and live in CS:GO

Valve, you're the real MVP.

Image via Valve

CS:GO fanatics, rejoice—Panorama UI is live.

Valve has released the full version of the long-awaited Panorama User Interface, which has been in beta testing since mid June. Now Counter-Strike players can enjoy a fresh, new aesthetic to the game that’ll make it more appealing to the eye on all fronts.

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The Panorama UI is now the default option for all users on every system that supports CS:GO. That means Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems open up the game into the new UI automatically without needing to opt into it in the launch options. Previously, the UI was only supported on Windows, and Valve slowly rolled out support and fixes so that it could run on other operating systems.

If Panorama UI isn’t working well for you, you can opt back into the old UI via launch options. To do so, right click CS:GO in your Steam library, click “Properties,” click “Set Launch Options…” in the general tab, and type “-scaleform” in the box. This setting should revert your game client back to the old UI through a backwards compatibility mode, but it’s only available for a “limited transition time,” according to Valve.

In addition to the Panorama UI integration, a new weapon skins case, the Horizon Case, and a few new knives have been added in a small game update. It includes 17 new community-made designs and four brand-new knife types—Stiletto, Ursus, Navaja, and Talon.