Semmler returns to CS:GO to attend BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

His return will most likely be temporary, however.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

The Overwatch League and former CS:GO caster Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat has revealed that he’ll be attending the BLAST Pro Series event in Copenhagen from Nov. 1 to 2. 

BLAST Pro Series’ official Twitter account announced that Semmler will be attending this event earlier today, but the capacity of his appearance is unknown. Considering the caster is known for his commentary, it’s presumed that he’ll join former partners Anders Blume and Jason “moses” O’Toole.

“I’m back, see you guys in Copenhagen,” Semmler said in the announcement video.

The trio formed the “Room on Fire” European collective in 2014, which is a group of commentators and analysts. Semmler and Anders were both founding members alongside Halvor “vENdetta” Gulestøl. Moses joined later in 2016, however. Since 2017, Semmler has been inactive due to his role in the Overwatch League.

Semmler has been known to temporarily return to CS:GO events in the past. He was an analyst at BLAST Pro Series Lisbon in December 2018 and he was a commentator at the previous BLAST event in Copenhagen. But this will be the first time that he’s commentated over CS:GO in 2019. 

The North American caster is known as one of the favorites in the CS:GO scene and his appearance will likely improve the event experience. Semmler could even cast the final alongside his former duo, but he’ll most likely be absent from future events.

Update Oct. 7 3:15pm CT: Dot Esports has received a comment from Semmler regarding his attendance of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. He’ll be casting alongside Henry “HenryG” Greer for the event. There’s a possibility that there will be a tri-cast with Semmler, Moses, and Anders, but this isn’t certain, he said. Semmler also said that he plans on attending multiple CS:GO events before the end of the year.