PGL Stockholm Major viewer pass and team stickers are now available in CS:GO

Get your Pick'Ems in now!

Screengrab via PGL

The viewer pass and team stickers for the PGL Stockholm Major are now available to purchase in the CS:GO game client, signaling the imminent start of the first Major in over two years.

Players can purchase the viewer pass for $10 directly in-game and can unseal it to acquire the Stockholm 2021 Coin, giving you access to the always fun Pick’Em Challenge. The Pick’Em Challenge consists of three stages. Here are the stages.

  • Pick the eight teams to advance through the PGL Stockholm Challengers Stage, including one team to go 3-0 and one team to go 0-3.
  • Pick the eight teams to advance through the Legends Stage, including one team to go 3-0 and one team to go 0-3.
  • Pick which of the eight playoffs teams will reach the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and the grand finals.

Completing challenges allows you to upgrade your coin, from Bronze all the way up to Diamond. A coin can only become Diamond by completing all the challenges and correctly guessing who wins the PGL Stockholm Major. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to pick for all three Major stages at once before the event begins, just pick before each stage begins.

You can also purchase the viewer pass with three Souvenir Tokens included for $18. Souvenir Tokens let you claim a Souvenir Package from any match of this tournament. The match you pick from determines what map collections of skins your items will come from, as well as what team stickers could be attached. Purchasing the viewer pass also lets you use your favorite team’s graffiti with unlimited uses during PGL Stockholm.

All players, regardless of viewer pass ownership, can also purchase sticker and patch capsules at $1 each for stickers and $2 each for patches. There are three collections of each item, one for each group of teams:

  • Legends: G2 Esports, Na’Vi, NiP, Team Liquid, Gambit, Team Vitality, FURIA, Evil Geniuses
  • Challengers: Astralis, Team Spirit, Heroic, BIG, Movistar Riders, mousesports, paiN Gaming, ENCE
  • Contenders:, Sharks, FaZe Clan, TYLOO, Copenhagen Flames, Entropiq, Renegades, GODSENT

There are four grades of stickers; normal, Holo, Foil, and Gold. There are two grades of patch: normal and Gold. All of the stickers and patches can also be bought and sold individually on the Steam marketplace.