Liquid adds pashaBiceps to stream team

The iconic CS:GO pro has a new home.

Photo via DreamHack

After spending almost a year out of the competitive CS:GO scene, popular pro pashaBiceps has found a new team to call home in Team Liquid, the organization announced today. But he’s not joining the team’s CS:GO roster. Instead, he’ll be added to Liquid’s streaming team.

“Pasha has been a pillar in the CS community for more than a decade,” Liquid’s general manager Steve “Jokasteve” Perino said. “He is a consummate professional, a shining light of positivity, and an amazing person through and through. It is a complete honor welcoming him to the Team Liquid family, where his legacy will live on in his new role.”

Pasha has one of the most extensive careers in Counter-Strike, starting back in 2012 with ESC Gaming. He’s most well-known, however, for his time with Virtus Pro, a team that he spent five years with and won multiple championships for.

At one point, VP were considered one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. But the past few years haven’t been too kind to the Russian-based esports organization. After multiple early exits from big tournaments, the team slowly began to lose popular players, including Snax and byali.

Pasha isn’t the only change that Liquid has made over the past couple of weeks, either. Liquid’s main CS:GO squad recently replaced long-time in-game leader nitr0 with 19-year-old Michael “Grim” Wince.

“So far, I have competed with Team Liquid as rivals, and now it’s nice that we can shake hands and support each other,” Pasha said. “Remember that the team is unity and everyone’s hard work.”

Although there isn’t any indication that Pasha might get playing time on Liquid, he jokingly said he could step in if the org needed an extra player.