How to do the latest CS:GO run boost on Overpass

A new overpowered boost has been found on Overpass.

Image via Valve

Overpass is known as one of the trickiest maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The map gained notoriety after Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer was put on top of a three-man boost in the A bombsite during the quarterfinals of the DreamHack Winter Major in November 2014. Thanks to that boost, Fnatic defeated LDLC despite being 12-3 down after the first half. But Fnatic’s play was considered pixel-walking, which was forbidden. The Swedes refused to replay the match and forfeited the tournament.

A new boost was discovered yesterday and caught the attention of fans on the game’s subreddit. You can learn how to do this boost in the CT spawn in this video.

It can be a bit difficult to pull it off since you first need to turn on the command “cl_showpos 1” in CS:GO’s console, which you can learn how to enable here. After that, the two players must do a run boost with exactly this height (532.05) and this angle (63.2). The player on top must do a crouch-jump to reach the right spot.

The best weapon to use while floating is the SSG 08, the popular scout, since the gun still is accurate in mid-air. Even if you can’t hit the shots, this boost can be used for callouts because you can see the terrorists entering the B bombsite and coming out of A long or Bathrooms.

This kind of boost may be fixed by Valve soon, though. It’s too overpowered and a player shouldn’t be floating on the map without cheats. 

We’ll see if the CS:GO developer fixes it before the StarLadder Berlin Major, which starts on Aug. 23. Otherwise, some team may take advantage of it just like Fnatic did in 2014.

Update August 20 8:20 CT: Valve patched the map in their latest update and the run boost is no longer available. You can read the patch notes here.