How to complete all week 4 missions in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide

Call in the gendarmes.

Image via Valve

It’s time for another week of missions in Operation Riptide, meaning another opportunity to earn up to six operation stars to spend on agents, skins, patches, or stickers in the store.

This week of missions, titled Gendarmarie, will require you to spend some time in a variety of different game modes. There’s another Guardian mission, meaning you’ll need a teammate in your party to queue for it. But you can still earn six stars solo if you don’t have a teammate.

Here’s how you can complete all of the different week four missions in Operation Riptide.

Win 21 rounds or one match of Insertion II in short-matches

Insertion II is the latest addition to the hostage rescue map pool, introduced when Operation Riptide was released. It’s a much larger map than ones usually seen in that group, covered in fog, and with four different spawn points for the CTs who have to rescue hostages from two of three spots: a large office building, a pizza place, and a grocery store.

There are a lot of cheeky places for the Ts to hide and a lot of ways for the CTs to approach. But if you can win 21 rounds or just a single short match, you can acquire three stars.

Get shotgun kills in Guardian: Sirocco

The Guardian: Sirocco mission takes you to a makeshift bombsite on the Sirocco Danger Zone map and tasks you with taking on multiple waves of five attacking Ts. After the first pistol round, you can open the buy menu and purchase the Nova or the MAG-7, or you can save another round and buy the XM1014.

Get 20 kills with any shotgun to earn two stars.

Get kills in a series of locations in deathmatch on Nuke

This mission is similar to the week one deathmatch mission on Mirage, except this time you need to get 10 kills at different locations on Nuke in order. Those locations are:

  • Outside
  • Bombsite A
  • Lobby
  • Ramp
  • Bombsite B
  • Secret
  • Outside (again)
  • T spawn
  • Top of Silo
  • CT spawn

Don’t worry about getting all 10 during one match. Your progress will be saved if you don’t get all of them before the match ends.

Get 30 overall kills or five kills with your first few bullets in Casual games in Group Sigma

Queue up for casual games in Group Sigma and either get 30 kills overall or five kills with your first few bullets. If you’re looking to complete the second option, then high damage, low fire rate weapons like the Deagle or the AWP will be your best option. Or just use the AK if you’re a headshot machine.