All Riptide patches and stickers in CS:GO

Expand your collection.

Image via Valve

CS:GO fans were welcomed today by a new Operation, Riptide. Like previous Operations, this one is also packed with new modes, features, gameplay changes, and cosmetic items.

While players will be able to complete weekly missions to upgrade their Operation Ride coins in CS:GO, collectors will have their eyes set on the new skins and stickers that they can unlock. 

These cosmetic items will be in high demand throughout the season. Players who unlock extremely rare items can also find themselves receiving multiple friend requests asking if they’d consider selling or trading their new rare cosmetic.

Here are all the Riptide patches and stickers that were added to CS:GO with Operation Riptide.

Operation Riptide Patch Collection

Riptide Sticker Collection

Foil Stickers

Riptide Surf Shop Sticker Collection