How to upgrade your Operation Riptide coin in CS:GO

Earn stars to upgrade your coin.

Screengrab via Valve

CS:GO’s Operation Riptide is finally here, offering players tons of new content to enjoy, including shorter competitive matches, gameplay changes, private queues, and several new cosmetic items. Operation Riptide also features an Operation Coin that can be upgraded as you progress through weekly missions during the operation. 

To unlock the Operation Riptide Coin, players must purchase the Operation Riptide Pass, which is available for $14.99. This purchase unlocks the Operation Coin and other exclusive awards like agents, weapon collections, Operation Riptide weapon cases, and other cosmetic and in-game items. 

Image via Valve

The Operation Coin can be leveled from Bronze to Diamond by completing missions from weekly mission cards. Each week, players will receive a new mission card that contains various missions that can be completed in the Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, and Guardian game modes. Completing these missions rewards stars that can be used to unlock new agents, Operation Riptide cases, patches, new weapon collections, and other exciting cosmetic items. 

Your Operation Coin also upgrades as you unlock stars by completing missions. The coin will upgrade to Silver after 33 stars, Gold at 66 stars, and Diamond after earning 100 stars. This Operation Coin can be displayed on your CS:GO profile, letting your friends and other players know how hard you worked during the Operation. 

Players should be able to find a mission in a game mode they enjoy since the missions will span across every mode available in CS:GO. Just remember that Operation Riptide ends on Feb. 20, 2022, and you have until the end to upgrade your Operation Coin to Diamond.