How to complete all week one missions in Operation Riptide

Get a jump start on your star earnings.

Image via Valve

The newest CS:GO operation is finally here with Operation Riptide releasing late on Sept. 21. The new operation is crammed with all sorts of new features, modes, gameplay changes, and items.

With any new operation comes a new set of weekly missions, which will reward you stars that can be put toward upgrading your operation coin and unlocking different rewards. For the first time, you can spend stars however you please, on weapon skins, cases, agents, stickers, and more.

A new set of missions will be released weekly and can be completed at any time, so don’t worry if you don’t complete all the week one missions during week one. Clicking on the mission will also automatically queue you in the appropriate playlists.

Here’s how you can complete all of the different missions in Operation Riptide in week one.

Get kills from specific Mirage locations in deathmatch

The first mission from week one requires you to get a kill while standing in a specific area on Mirage during deathmatch. You must do this 10 times from 10 different locations in their exact order. Those locations are:

  • Bombsite A
  • CT spawn
  • Market/Shop
  • Bombsite B
  • Catwalk
  • Mid
  • Stairs
  • Bombsite A (again)
  • T ramp
  • T spawn

This mission takes place in the new free-for-all deathmatch, so your biggest challenge is just going to be getting to each spot since the game seemingly loves spawning you as far from where you need to be as possible. But you don’t need to hit all 10 locations in one game, so take your time.

Complete tasks in Danger Zone: Blacksite

To complete this mission, you’ll need to queue up for Danger Zone games, but only when the Blacksite map is active. Once you load in, you’ll need to complete these five tasks in any order.

  • Destroy an enemy drone
  • Explode a barrel
  • Break glass
  • Bump mine launch off the top of the water tower
  • Rescue a hostage

The first three are pretty easy and straightforward. The last two are a little more tricky. The water tower is located in the northeast corner of the Blacksite map. Get your hands on a bump mine, either by finding it or purchasing the Mobility Package from your buy menu, then climb to the top of the water tower. Place the mine, stand on it, and detonate. You’ll fly off the tower, but even if you die from the fall, it will count as a completed task.

As for the hostage, it’s challenging but simple. Come across a tied-up hostage and pick them up, then two different hostage rescue zones will pop up. You just need to deliver the hostage safely. Our recommendation is to play in a group or with teammates since dying while playing solo immediately ends your game.

Win 21 rounds or one match of Competitive Premier short match

One of the new features of Riptide is the introduction of short competitive matches, played until 16 rounds or when a team wins nine. For this mission, just queue up for a short match using the Premier pick-and-ban process, then win 21 rounds or a single match, whichever happens first.

Deal utility damage in Wingman – Extraction

Extraction is the new Wingman map introduced in Riptide, and this week one mission will see you explore it for the first time. You’ll need to either deal 300 total utility damage or 200 utility in a single match. Make sure you’re buying grenades and Molotovs, or let your teammate drop them for you, and let them fly.

Get kills in Casual

This mission is pretty straightforward. Get 30 kills total during Casual games or get four multi-kill rounds during a single match.

Survive an aerial assault in Guardian: Blacksite

The Guardian game mode is CS:GO’s take on co-op missions, so you’ll need a friend or another player in your party when you queue for this mode. This is like horde mode with a twist. You and a teammate each have an AWP as enemies parachute in from above you. You can’t leave the area and you need to register 30 combined kills with only the AWP.