How to redeem Operation Riptide’s rewards in CS:GO

This is a good time to play Counter-Strike.

Image via Valve

Valve introduced Operation Riptide, the 11th Operation in CS:GO, last night alongside relevant gameplay and map changes.

Just like every other CS:GO Operation, Operation Riptide will add new missions on a weekly basis that every player with a Prime Status account can play. To redeem the Operation rewards, however, it’s necessary to buy the battle pass, which costs $14.99. If you purchase it at a later date, even after completing missions, you’ll still be given credit for what you’ve done.

To redeem Operation rewards, you have to complete missions featured on the weekly Mission Cards. This will earn you Operation stars, the currency used to redeem Operation rewards in the Operation Shop.

There’s no cap on the number of Operation stars you can earn each week. Basically, if you complete a mission, you’re guaranteed to earn them. Operation stars can also be purchased in-game if you don’t want to grind the missions. Operation Riptide will be live until Feb. 20, 2022.

Here are all the Operation rewards that can be redeemed with Operation stars and their exact cost.

  • CT Master Agent skins: 25 stars
  • T Master Agent skins: 25 stars
  • Superior Agent skins: 10 stars
  • Exceptional Agent skins: Seven stars
  • Distinguished Agent skins: Five stars
  • Selected skins from new collections: One to 100 stars
  • Operation Riptide case: Two stars
  • Operation Riptide patch: Two stars
  • Operation Riptide sticker: One star
  • Riptide Surf Shop sticker: One star