How to complete all week 3 missions in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide

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Image via Valve

It’s the start of week three of Operation Riptide, with a new collection of weekly missions to accomplish in the latest CS:GO operation.

Completing these missions will reward you up to six more stars that can go towards unlocking new skins, agents, and stickers from the Operation shop. Even if you hit your cap of six stars, you can earn all eight stars available and have them go towards an XP boost for your profile.

You don’t have to complete these before the week ends, and you can still go back and complete the challenges from week one and week two.

Here’s how you can complete all of the different missions in Operation Riptide in week three.

Apply graffiti in different locations of Dust II during Casual matches

This is a unique mission that will require you to spray graffiti in up to 10 different locations on the iconic Dust II map during a Casual game. Before you queue up, make sure you have graffiti applied in the loadout screen of your in-game inventory. Then spray your graffiti in up to 10 of these locations on Dust II:

  • CT spawn
  • Bombsite A
  • Pit
  • Bombsite B
  • Mid doors
  • T spawn
  • Catwalk
  • Upper tunnel
  • Long doors
  • Middle

You don’t have to get all 10 in one match to earn credit. You can do partial progress too; one spot tagged earns you one star, seven spots total gets you two, and all 10 spots earn you three.

Win 21 rounds or one match of Wingman on Ravine

Ravine is one of two new Wingman maps added during Operation Riptide, alongside Extraction. You can earn three stars by winning 21 rounds or a single match, whichever happens first.

Get sniper rifle kills in Guardian: Blacksite

Guardian: Blacksite debuted during week one, when players had to survive the aerial assault of parachuting enemies. Get a certain amount of kills with your sniper rifle to earn two stars.

Deal 2000 damage total or 1000 damage in one single match of Retakes

Retakes is one of the more popular game mode additions, putting players in single site four-vs-three retake scenarios. It’s become a staple for players warming up for competitive matches alongside deathmatch. Deal 2000 points of damage overall or 1000 in a single match. This should equate to about 20 solo kills total or 10 kills in a single match.