G2 can’t find the bomb and lose the map to Astralis at the StarLadder Berlin Major

It was hilarious.

Photo via ELEAGUE

Astralis beat G2 Esports 16-7 on Nuke today during the second round of the StarLadder Berlin Major. But the way in which G2 lost the map made it even more painful for fans of the team to watch.

The G2 players couldn’t find the bomb despite killing all of Astralis’ players, resulting in them losing the round.

After Richard “shox” Papillon gets the final kill on Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, all of the remaining G2 players start to run over to the A bombsite when the bomb was actually planted behind the silo at B.

The G2 players haven’t made any comments about the round on social media, but one fan theory suggests that they didn’t know the bomb was planted until it was too late to defuse it.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez, G2’s CEO, handled the situation in a funny way. He used part of the message that Jason Lake, Complexity’s CEO, tweeted after Complexity were eliminated from the New Challengers Stage last week. It’s become a meme that’s used by other CS:GO personalities on social media.

All jokes aside, Astralis deserved this win on Nuke. The Danish team dominated almost the entire game and didn’t drop a single round playing as Terrorists. Emil “Magisk” Reif was the best player on the server, finishing with 25 kills.

Astralis are now one best-of-three victory away from qualifying for the playoffs. G2, on the other hand, will have to bounce back tomorrow. The Danes will play against NRG, who upset Liquid earlier today, while G2 will face MIBR.

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