F0rest on how he keeps playing CS at a high level: ‘At this point, it’s just pure passion’

Long live the Counter-Strike GOAT.

Photo via BLAST

Even though Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg isn’t getting any younger, he’s still considered one of the best aimers in Counter-Strike. The Swedish legend put on a show against Fiend today in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown round of 16, finishing the series with 53 kills and just 28 deaths, helping his side pull off a 13-2 comeback on Nuke to beat the Bulgarians 2-0.

F0rest’s consistency continues to fascinate fans around the world and pundits like former professional player turned analyst Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez. The Swiss asked in the post-match interview what he’s done to maintain his individual level for so many years and f0rest’s answer showed how deeply he cares about the game.

“At this point, it’s just pure passion as it always has been,” f0rest said. “I absolutely love Counter-Strike and I just love the moments that can happen in Counter-Strike, like today’s match, for example. This is what makes Counter-Strike fun, the crazy comebacks, the intense clutches, and sick one-taps. Everything about Counter-Strike is just super awesome and I enjoy every single moment of it, that’s why I can’t get enough of it.”

The Swedish rifler turned 33 years old in 2021 and has two children to take care of when he’s not playing CS:GO. Many players at this point would prioritize other aspects of life, but f0rest still wants to compete for as long as he feels that he can maintain his individual level.

With today’s victory over Fiend, Dignitas have secured a spot in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown quarterfinals. They’ll face Heroic next on Friday, Oct. 15 at 8:30am CT.

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