Evil Geniuses eliminate G2 from CS:GO Asia Championships, TYLOO beat MIBR

EG will face mousesports in the quarterfinals.

Photo via StarLadder

Evil Geniuses qualified for the CS:GO Asia Championships quarterfinals today after they sent G2 Esports home from the tournament. TYLOO, on the other hand, have already advanced to the semifinals since they beat MIBR in the Group A winners match.

EG are the favorites to win the tournament since they’re the No. 2 CS:GO team in HLTV’s world ranking. But some fans had to reevaluate those expectations after the North Americans lost their first match to MIBR.

And today, against G2, things got scarier for EG after the French team won Dust II 16-5. But EG bounced back and won Mirage and Overpass 16-5. Although Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte, EG’s best player throughout 2019, is yet to deliver a good performance at the CS:GO Asia Championships, Ethan Arnold finished with 55 kills and 39 deaths.

This is a disappointing result for G2, not because they lost to EG today, but because they lost to TYLOO yesterday and now are the first team eliminated from the CS:GO Asia Championships. This result might cause G2 to make one more roster change at the end of the season and no longer field a majority of French players. Audric “JaCkz” Jug would most likely be the player who’d get replaced since he doesn’t communicate well in English.

TYLOO and MIBR played earlier and the Chinese team surprised everybody once more by beating the Brazilians 2-0 to lock in a spot in the semifinals. Both maps, Mirage and Train, finished 16-12 in favor of TYLOO. Xu “somebody” Hao-Wen and Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand shined the most for TYLOO, delivering 48 and 47 kills, respectively.

MIBR will play against ViCi or AVANGAR in the quarterfinals tonight at 11pm CT. EG will face mousesports later at 2am CT.