CS:GO pro admits to committing fraud against his own teammates

And he's only 16 years old.

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CS:GO pro Azbayar “Senzu” Munkhbold has been found guilty of committing a “fraud scheme” against his former organization, Team NKT. His actions affected the players and management early in 2023.

The news of Senzu’s “fraud scheme” was revealed by Team NKT on Twitter on June 5. The organization added the 16-year-old “has confessed to his actions,” and currently all involved are working together to resolve the situation.

Another Team NKT player, BnTeT, who is popular among the Western CS:GO community, confirmed the information “is 100 percent true” on his Twitter on June 6. He also added the fraud committed by Senzu was lending other Team NKT members’ skins and gambling them, eventually losing the skins. Afterward, the 16-year-old allegedly lied to the rest of his team and didn’t pay them back for the lost items.

At the same time, Team NKT added Senzu will remain under contract with the organization, though, he won’t be allowed to participate in any tournaments without the org’s permission. Although, if another organization is interested in Senzu’s services, they may contact Team NKT’s management for an inquiry. We don’t think he’ll be receiving lots of offers until the situation is resolved, however.

Senzu is a Mongolian up-and-coming CS:GO player who has been active in the scene since late 2020, according to Liquipedia. Since then, he played for numerous orgs, including The Mongolz, who are arguably the most well-known team from Asia as of now. He’s been trialing with Team NKT since November 2022.

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Dot Esports has reached out to Team NKT for a comment regarding the situation. Team NKT hadn’t responded by the time of publishing.

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