CS:GO players face ‘stuttering’ issues after last two updates

The issue seems to happen when players are aiming towards the enemy.

Image via Valve

Several CS:GO players have reported FPS issues on the game’s subreddit since Valve released two updates, the first being on Feb. 25.

Apparently, the game keeps stuttering when the players are aiming towards an enemy, whether it’s on matchmaking servers or deathmatch servers. “The game keeps stuttering which makes it practically unplayable at certain situations when you have to aim at the enemy,” on player said.

He reported that the issue happens for “like a millisecond” and then get back to normal. Although several people are facing this issue, they haven’t found a solution for it and Valve hasn’t addressed the lag yet. You can see how the game is stuttering in the video below.

These latest CS:GO updates haven’t made huge changes to the game. In the Feb. 25 update, Valve added a new feature for its anti-cheat system, made two small changes in the Danger Zone mode, and added some minor changes to the UI.

In yesterday’s update, Valve added all operation missions for the week, fixed a server lag exploit and minor graphical bugs on Vertigo, and added a feature to reduce the need for disk access during gameplay.

With so many players reporting this stuttering issues, Valve will likely address the problem quickly and release a fix in the upcoming days.