Valve introduces the Clutch Collection as the first case of 2018

The case contains many iterations of skins already in the game.

Screengrab via AznBankaii

A new case of weapon skins was released last night in a minor CS:GO update, and skin fanatics are already going wild over the collection of cosmetics.

The Clutch Case, which follows the theme of the Welcome to the Clutch design, contains 17 new weapon skins created by the community on Steam. In terms of rarities, it features two Covert “Reds,” three Classified “Pinks,” five Restricted “Purples,” and seven Mil-Spec “Blues.”

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Many of the skins in the Clutch case are similar to designs already in the game as well. That would include the Neo-Noir (USP-S), the Bloodsport (AK-47), Oxide Blaze (Desert Eagle), and Urban Hazard (Five Seven and MP7).

The case also has a knock-off of the infamous Dragon Lore skin called Mortis, with an inverted color scheme that’s mostly dark. Following the recent ELEAGUE Major: Boston last month, a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore was sold for over $61,052.63 on