Cs_summit bans MIBR coach dead for 2 events

Dead abused the coach spectating bug against Triumph at the cs_summit six North America qualifier.

Screengrab via MIBR

Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia, MIBR’s manager and coach, used the CS:GO coaching bug at the cs_summit six North America qualifier against Triumph earlier this summer and has received a two-event ban from future tournaments, the organizer announced today.

Dead had already been found guilty of exploiting the bug in the investigation conducted by veteran esports referee Michal Slowinski earlier this week and was banned alongside HUNDEN from Heroic and Aleksandr “MechanoGun” Bogatiryev from Hard Legion. The Brazilian received a six-month suspension from all Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) member events, which includes ESL, DreamHack, BLAST, and Eden Esports tournaments.

The bug in question allowed coaches to become a spectator anywhere on the map, which can be used to gather information about the other team’s economy or tactical setups.

Cs_summit said Dead “knew how to fix the glitch while maintaining competitive integrity” since he did it twice at ESL One: Road to Rio before abusing the bug at the cs_summit six North America qualifier against Triumph, who MIBR defeated 2-1 to qualify for the main event, which served as the second Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament for North America.

“Teams found to be engaging in cheating, unethical behavior, obtaining any form of unfair competitive advantage, or otherwise using unauthorized programs will forfeit all affected matches,” section 15 of cs_summit’s rulebook reads.

Apart from dead’s ban, MIBR will retroactively be disqualified from cs_summit six and will forfeit the $2,500 the team earned in prize money. As a result of MIBR’s disqualification, Triumph will retroactively be awarded the seventh-eighth place spot in cs_summit six North America.

It’s unclear, however, whether MIBR will retain the 1,187.5 RMR points the team were awarded for their placing at cs_summit six. Valve hasn’t said anything about the spectating bug scandal yet.