CS2 players want Valve to bring back this long-lost CS:GO feature

It needs to be improved.

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Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t have all the features CS:GO used to, at least at the moment. On Nov. 20, a few players agreed they would like to see one of them added to CS2, but it must be vastly improved beforehand.

On Reddit, a player named Feenoh posted a screenshot of some basic stats CS:GO tracked back in the first months after its release in 2012. They were curious why the game doesn’t track stats similarly anymore, starting a discussion. All in all, a number of players underlined they wish this feature would make its way back to CS2, but it would have to be significantly updated.

“I was hoping, when CS2 released, that CS2 would have as detailed stats tracking that Dota 2 has,” one player wrote. They also pointed out how there are third-party websites, like Leetify or Csstats, which can track your statistics, but they believe the game should have a default tracker.

For the majority of its 11-year run, CS:GO had a stats tracker itself. At first, it was really basic, like the one shown above by Feenoh. In 2021, Valve released CS:GO Stats 360, a monthly subscription that costs $0.99. It allowed players to keep track of their statistics, including matches played, the best weapons, kills, and so on.

Still, it wasn’t met with a warm welcome by the game’s community. Players thought monetizing a basic, in-game stats tracker was a sign of greed from Valve, and simply not worth it.

It doesn’t look like it’s making a return anytime soon to CS2, however. The game was released at the end of September, and since then there haven’t been any signs of a stats tracker making its way to our screens. We can’t deny it would be refreshing and helpful to see Valve adding such a feature, despite third-party websites doing a fine job on their own.


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