CS2 players want Valve to add one key HUD feature before launch

Everyone would love this.

Two players shooting each other on Ancient in Counter-Strike 2.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

It looks like Counter-Strike 2’s release is right around the corner. With the launch imminent, players have been asking Valve to polish the game before the big day—and now they want this incredible HUD feature.

In a Sept. 21 Reddit post, a player named Garou-7 asked the devs to add the option to have your HUD color similar to your character color. As a result, players who play with orange or purple colors around their avatar would have their buy menus and the rest of their HUD in the same colors.

While it’s a minor change that wouldn’t have much impact on the gameplay itself, many players agree this would be a sensible addition to the game. “Not a bad idea,” one player wrote, and many others echoed the same.

CS2 Buy Menu on Mirage CT spawn
New CS2 Buy system on Mirage. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If Valve wants to add this to CS2 before launch, the devs don’t have much time. This week, the official CS2 account on Twitter asked players what they’re doing on Wednesday, Sept. 27. This looks like an obvious hint to the game’s release date.

CS2 was originally scheduled to release this summer after its March announcement. The season is officially over this week, with summer making way for fall. But if the game does release next week, we’re sure players will let this minor delay slide.

The devs have worked tirelessly for the past month to fix numerous bugs after the open beta was made widely available at the beginning of September. Since then, a number of patch fixes have been launched, restoring players’ faith in Valve.


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