AcoR leads MOUZ over BIG and into Legends Stage at PGL Stockholm Major

The Dane finished the series at the top of the scoreboard.

Image via Valve

MOUZ beat BIG in a lengthy, three-map thriller today to qualify for the Legends Stage at the PGL Stockholm Major. The European CS:GO squad are the seventh team from the Challengers Stage to advance.

Some fans may be surprised by MOUZ since they looked lackluster over the first two days of the tournament, going 1-2. BIG’s form was also shaky during the tournament, so there wasn’t a clear favorite heading into today’s matchup.

Both sides needed their key players to step up to join the world’s best in the Legends Stage. For BIG, syrsoN and tabseN pulled off decent performances as usual. With gade coming up clutch in several situations, BIG were looking sharp and victory seemed within their grasp.

But MOUZ had AcoR, who was spectacular throughout the series for the first time during this CS:GO tournament. The Dane finished at the top of the scoreboard, spearheading it with a 62-43 K/D ratio and the best 2.0 rating (1.24).

Yet AcoR’s impressive performance wasn’t enough to help MOUZ win on Dust II, which went BIG’s way, 16-10. The Dane led MOUZ to victory on Inferno (16-12) and Nuke (16-12), though, with Bymas being a major factor on the latter map as well.

Now, MOUZ will have a few hours to rest while they prepare for the Legends Stage, which begins tomorrow. For BIG, though, today’s loss marks the end of their run at this tournament.

The action at the PGL Stockholm Major continues today with Astralis taking on Team Spirit for the last spot in the next stage. You can catch all the action on PGL’s Twitch stream.

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