Warzone streamer JoeWo begs devs to remove ‘most overpowered secondaries ever’

It's like veing back in Verdansk in 2020.

The infamous Snake Shots in Call of Duty Warzone 2. They're strong pistols that can be customized in any color, but on this screenshot they're plain black.
Screenshot via Activision

Popular Call of Duty: Warzone 2 streamer JoeWo has asked Raven Software and Infinity Ward, the developers of the game, to remove the infamous Snak Shot secondary pistols, claiming they are the “most overpowered secondaries ever.”

The Snake Shot build of the .357 Magnum left the community in turmoil in the early days of Warzone because of how overpowered they were, so much so that the developers nerfed them into oblivion. For some reason though, these pistols are back at full strength again in Warzone 2.

JoeWo opened up his video showing the exact build he’s using on his .500 Magnum—the Basilisk— and suggested the Snake Shots are stronger than SMGs in Warzone 2 at the moment. Throughout the gameplay, JoeWo kills numerous enemies with his Snake Shots, even at long-range, which is definitely not ideal for pistols, leaving and him shocked at how he could pull that off.

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Even though JoeWo got multiple kills with the Snake Shots throughout the gameplay, you could tell by looking at his face that he didn’t feel too happy because these pistols are currently too overpowered and shouldn’t be in the game.

After JoeWo died at the end of the video, he said the Snake Shot should be nerfed soon but advised his community to keep using them while they are broken. To put it simply, these secondarys have the firepower of a shotgun but they can be used at ridiculously long ranges.

All that JoeWo and the rest of us can hope for is that the developers of Warzone 2 nerf the Snake Shots before they get completely out of control like they were in 2020.


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