Warzone 2 players are begging for the arrival of an anticipated upcoming feature

It's "on the horizon," Raven Software says.

A screenshot of a Warzone 2 match in action.
Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are getting impatient waiting for an upcoming feature for the game’s new ranked mode—and it can’t come soon enough for some.

The ability to rejoin a match in progress is in the works right now, but with no specific ETA in sight, players are voicing their frustrations about losing Skill Rating points and even being temporarily banned due to disconnects.

“We have a re-join feature on the horizon so that you’re setting the players up as successfully as they can be, and then it’s on that player,” said Ted Timmins, senior creative director at Raven Software, in a video about Warzone Ranked.

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“On the horizon” is as specific as Raven has gotten so far, but frustration is mounting as players trying to grind ranked in Warzone 2 right now are constantly being hit with SR losses and temporary bans due to disconnects and dev errors. And players are upset.

“Feels bad, man,” said one commenter in the Reddit thread. “Really frustrating. Hit -50 SR and two hour penalty today. Can’t believe there’s no way to report this or escalate it to get some eyes on this.”

Luckily, the fix is coming soon enough, but many players are taking issue with the fact that bans are happening for something completely out of their control.

“I’m shocked that the dev error still reads as you ‘leaving the match,'” another commenter said. “Take my SR. Fine. Whatever. But let me hop in and keep playing with my team.”

The Reddit thread also had many players offering suggestions for fixes to prevent crashes, like restarting the game to prevent memory leaks, so it’s apparently widespread enough that the CoD community has doctored in their own fixes for this specific issue.

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Warzone 2’s Season Three Reloaded is ongoing now, with season four not due to release until sometime in the middle of June, possibly June 14.

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