Infinity Ward removes Snipers Only TDM mode from Modern Warfare due to bug that allowed players to use custom classes

That's not a sniper rifle.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare received a playlist update yesterday that added a new Snipers Only Team Deathmatch mode that allowed players to go head to head with a few different sniper rifles. 

This was a fun change of pace, but players discovered a way to use regular weapons in the new mode. Infinity Ward removed the playlist in today’s Modern Warfare patch to address the bug and a few other issues.

A Modern Warfare player uploaded a clip of them switching to their regular custom classes in the snipers-only game mode. The player selected one of the pre-determined options when entering the game, but they were able to use keybinds to switch to other custom classes once they were in the match. 

The new mode removed the option to select custom classes when loading into a game, but it only disables the option when using the in-game UI. Using custom keybinds is a workaround that allows any weapons to be used as long as the player is using a keyboard. 

This is a considerable advantage since every other player in the lobby will be using a sniper rifle unless they’ve also used the exploit. This was an oversight by Infinity Ward, but the developers have since removed the mode while they fix the problem. 

The new patch also fixed an issue that caused the code for Bunker 3 not to function properly and addressed a problem with the Riot Shield that occurred when players “obtained the pumpkin head” after getting three kills. 

An exploit in Zombie Royale was also fixed and the durable gas masks have been temporarily removed from Warzone. The Jak-12 was also nerfed in the small patch to balance the weapon’s performance. 

Players can enjoy Gunfight – Snipers Only (three-vs-three) while Infinity Ward fixes the issue with Snipers Only TDM.