Significant ‘downgrade’ has PC players struggling to find kills in Warzone 2.0

It is not a flash grenade.

Three operators sweep through an enemy area in full tactical gear and wielding rifles in DMZ.
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If you’ve been running some games on Modern Warfare 2‘s newest map Vondel, you might have noticed that visibility has been a bit of an issue whenever the fog rolls in and covers the map. But multiple PC players have also raised complaints around the general problem of visibility and how it affects their ability to pick up kills throughout their matches.

In a well-received post on the Warzone subreddit, one user compared the visibility between Warzone 1.0 and 2.0, showing that players face much more visual noise in the latest version of the game. As a result, players that don’t have aim assist are disadvantaged since they must estimate where to place their shots rather than relying completely on their aim.

Players believe that compared to Warzone 1.0, there has been a significant increase in muzzle flash, gun smoke, and recoil shake in a gunfight. The post also provided video evidence with different skirmishes in both titles, and there is a clear difference in how much visual noise there is in today’s Warzone.

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It also doesn’t help that battle royale enjoyers and DMZ players run into low-visibility areas around Vondel due to the new Dynamic Fog system that was introduced in season four. Combined with the fog, over-the-top muzzle flash and smoke, and recoil shake, PC players are dealing with unfortunate engagements that are harder to win compared to players with controllers who can rely on aim assist in helping them pick up a kill.

This can even be seen in Modern Warfare 2‘s gun range, where some weapons are difficult to ADS with due to the massive amounts of gun smoke that appear, clouding line-of-sight and preventing more accurate target selection—especially when a player is on the move.

There are, however, some weapon attachments that can help reduce muzzle flash and smoke, but unfortunately, they are usually not the meta builds that maximize range and damage. As a result, it’s better to have to deal with the visibility issues and have a fighting chance against other players who can run meta builds with aim assist.


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