Raven Software removes Armored Royale from Call of Duty: Warzone

The developers are investigating the invisibility bug.

Image via Activision

Armored Royale has been removed from Call of Duty: Warzone today while Raven Software investigates the bug that allows players to turn invisible. 

Over the weekend, Warzone players started to encounter invisible players in the Armored Royale playlist. These players could easily wipe out teams and were almost impossible to counter. The glitch appeared to be easy to replicate, too.

Raven Software has temporarily removed the playlist while it investigates the bug, which appears to be related to the armored truck miniguns. Players previously experienced this glitch in December and it involved using the minigun in the Attack Helicopter to turn invisible. 

The Attack Helicopters were briefly removed from Warzone to prevent players from exploiting the bug and the issue was eventually resolved. The armored trucks are an essential part of the Armored Royale game mode, so the entire mode needed to be removed. 

Call of Duty players recently experienced issues with the Operators menu and another bug that prevented hitmarkers from notifying players when they hit an enemy. The Operators menu bug was swiftly resolved, which means the Armored Royale issue could also be quickly fixed. 

It’s unclear if Armored Royale will appear again in Warzone soon or if Raven Software will remove the game mode indefinitely. Many players enjoy the unique twist that the game mode adds to Warzone, but it’s not worth your time when you’re encountering cheaters in almost every match.