Call of Duty: Warzone players experience the invisibility glitch again

Be careful in your next Armored Royale match.

Image via Activision

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone update appears to have added the notorious invisibility glitch back into the game.

The Armored Royale game mode went live in a recent update and added a fun and unique twist on the classic Warzone gameplay. Each team spawns with an armored vehicle equipped with a turret and portable buy station, and players can respawn in the truck until late in the match. 

But players have since experienced an invisibility glitch that allows enemies to dominate without being seen. The glitch first appeared in Warzone in December 2020 and involved the minigun in the attack helicopter. Raven Software quickly removed helicopters from the maps to resolve the issue, but the bug returned in the latest update. 

One player shared a clip in which they encountered an invisible enemy that wiped out their entire team. Another player came across an invisible enemy that killed their team multiple times with ease. It’s unclear how players are becoming invisible, but it’s likely related to the miniguns on the armored trucks. 

Warzone players have experienced several issues this week. A glitch prevented players from opening the Operators menu, and another bug prevented hitmarkers from working correctly. Raven Software confirmed it is aware of these issues and implemented a fix for the Operators menu bug last night

Hopefully for players, the invisibility glitch will be resolved soon to prevent the Armored Royale game mode from being ruined.