New “Classified” menu option in Modern Warfare potentially teases battle royale mode

Could it finally be on its way?

Image via Activision

If you’ve been waiting for the rumored Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode, you might have a new reason to get excited. It looks like the long-awaited game mode might be ready to make its debut soon.

Following the release of the game's newest update today, a new section was added to the game's main menu that's listed as "classified." This has led many people in the community to believe that a battle royale mode will be available soon. There hasn't been any confirmation from Infinity Ward about what this game mode could be, although there have been a few hints already.

Screengrab via PrestigeisKey/Activision

The in-game cinematic trailer for season two, for example, ended with a large scale battle at an airport with an airplane flying overhead. The plane opens up in the back to reveal four new players joining the game and jumping out of the aircraft. In the distance, you can see an ominous smoke cloud surrounding the entire battlefield.

The trailer also focused on "sending fighters [Ghost] could trust" after another player talked about how the "gas was closing in" and that they needed to exfiltrate their team. All of these clues point toward a battle royale mode in the near future.

There was also a reported leak of the MW battle royale map in December 2019 that showed potential key locations. This supposed 200-player map could make its debut in the coming months. But until then, fans will have to remain patient with the various modes available right now.