Reddit video claims to show off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle royale map

Is this what CoD: MW's battle royale will look like?

Image via Activision

A new video posted on Reddit last night shows what could be the first look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s rumored battle royale map.

As with any purported leak, take this with a grain of salt, but it matches up with other leaks and reports from the past few months. It’s possible that this rumored battle royale mode could be added in any of the game’s upcoming seasons. It’s also possible that it could never see the light of day at all, however.

If the map looks familiar, it should—the video shows the perspective of someone up high in the air on the Spec Ops map called Verdansk. And Verdansk itself can be seen from the game’s Ground War maps. The combination of all of them makes up the rumored battle royale map.

Infinity Ward has been quiet on the subject of a battle royale in CoD: MW, but it’s been rumored for some time. Last month, a lot of purported leaks were posted to the ModernWarfare Reddit page, as seen on Eurogamer.

Image via Eurogamer

As seen in the image above, the Spec Ops locations are marked with blue circles and Ground War maps are shown in red. Altogether, this makes up a huge area—and it should be if it’ll fit the rumored 200-player maximum in battle royale.

More information about the rumored battle royale mode in CoD: MW should be revealed in the coming months. CoD players should stay tuned for an official announcement from Infinity Ward and Activision, however.


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