Here are the patch notes for MW2 and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

A new map and new weapons are just the start.

Call of Duty operators fight on the map Strike in MW2.
Image via Activision

It’s once again time to load up and loadout in Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 with the Season Five Reloaded update upon us, bringing with it changes to MW2 multiplayer and Warzone battle royale.

With new content in both multiplayer madness and battle royale fun, players who may have strayed away from CoD during season five may find something new to look forward to in the new update, such as new weapons, new maps, and new operators.

Here’s everything changing in Call of Duty’s Season Five Reloaded update, arriving today on Aug. 30.

MW2 Season 5 Reloaded patch notes

The CoD operator Mace returns in MW2.
Take aim at new content. Image via Activision

Here’s the highlights of everything that’s included in Season Five Reloaded.

Balance changes

There have been some sweeping changes to weapons across MW2 and Warzone in the update, including buffs and nerfs. Buffs include MW2-specific ISO 45 damage range, damage range and reduced hip spread for the FR Avancer, and some shotgun nerfs.

In Warzone, damage against players with all launchers has been nerfed. This will be a welcome change for many, as rockets have been running rampant in the game recently.

The full list of all of the balance changes can be read about here.

New six-vs-six map

A screenshot of the new multiplayer map in MW2 Season 5 Reloaded.
DMZ players will be right at home. Image via Activision

The new map for Season Five Reloaded is DRC Zone 1, a section of the DMZ map Building 21.

“Many of the technological triumphs that the DRC have gifted the world are on display here,” Activision said. “Players are also allowed behind the curtain to view some of the inner workings of the facility, from Research and Development to the shipping and receiving areas, to a few of the laboratories.”

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Activision says that DRC Zone 1 is “focused on fast-paced combat, where shortcuts, outflanking, and consistent action is to be expected.”

New weapons

A screenshot of the Lachmann Shroud SMG in MW2.
The Lachmann Shroud SMG. Image via Activision

The update includes three new weapons including a new SMG called the Lachmann Shroud, a new sidearm called the 9mm Daemon, and a Pickaxe melee weapon. All of them can be unlocked in a single, new battle pass sector.

New game modes

Several new Gunfight variants will be coming in Season Five Reloaded, including Gunfight Snipers and Armored Gunfight, and 4v4 Faceoff.

“For those seeking the fast-action gameplay of small-team cage matches, the ultimate compliment to Gunfight is back,” Activision said about 4v4 Faceoff. “Use your own Loadouts, forget Killstreaks, and play modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed on all the MW2 Gunfight maps. However, in Season 05 the action is even more frenzied, as the player count is upped by one Operator per team: This is 4v4 Faceoff. Fans of Shipment 24/7 take note.”

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In Gunfight Snipers, loadouts are limited to snipers or marksman rifles. That’s it. There won’t be any secondary weapons, tacticals, or lethals allowed.

New challenges

A CoD operator covers a teammate as they jump over a barrier.
New camos are coming. Image via Activision

Season Five Reloaded added challenges for “tasks related to expertise with vehicles” along with “an in-depth camo challenge with suitably impressive rewards.”

New store bundles

Lara Croft operator in MW2 and Warzone.
She’s ready to raid Al Mazrah. Image via Activision

Several new bundles will come to the store as part of Season Five Reloaded, including the 21 Savage operator bundle and the Lara Croft Tomb Raider operator bundle, plus many more in the final weeks of season five.

If you’d like to read the full list of patch notes for MW2 Season Five Reloaded, head on over to the Call of Duty website.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded patch notes

CoD operators advance with weapons drawn as a dust storm builds behind them.
Squad up. Image via Activision

Warzone’s patch notes are here for Season Five Reloaded. Read on to hear more about what’s changing.

New Resurgence map

Drop in to Fort Resurgence. Image via Activision

A new Resurgence map is set to enter the rotation of the small-scale playlist, and it should be familiar to many. Fort Resurgence is a slice of the Al Bagra Fortress from Al Mazrah. Resurgence Rotation playlists will now have three different maps to play.

Armored Royale

A couple of MRAP vehicles fighting in Warzone's Armored Royale mode.
Hope you have your license. Image via Activision

Thanks to the addition of the MRAP vehicle at the start of Season Five, the Armored Royale mode from the original Warzone game is also making a return now in Season Five Reloaded.

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“Reinforce your squad in this Battle Royale with a big difference — you’re dropping onto your own MRAP, and it’s up to you to use, fortify, and repair this hulking vehicle with its turret, protective shielding, and mobile Buy Station, while cutting through rivals operating their own behemoth trucks,” Activision said.

Warzone Ranked changes

Changes to ranked play in Warzone include adjustments to SR, and new rewards, along with matchmaking improvements as “should find it quicker to Deploy in Ranked Play matches moving forward,” according to Activision.

The full list of patch notes for Warzone in Season Five Reloaded can be found on the CoD website.


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