Modern Warfare leaks reveal possible Zombie Royale mode for Warzone

Its just one part of a potentially massive update.

Image via Activision

The latest Modern Warfare update gave fans their first glimpse of what Black Ops: Cold War could be and revealed a refreshing slate of potential game modes for Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and the battle royale Warzone, including a return for Zombies.

Zombie Royale will be a game mode for the battle royale, according to data miner ModernWarzone. It seems that players will take on the role of both humans and zombies throughout the course of a game. A player’s death will turn them undead, but consuming a defeated enemy’s heart will breathe human life into them once again, according to the leak.

Warzone will also reportedly introduce Nightfall where players will be able to make their way around the map under the cover of darkness.

Other leaked modes include Pandemic or Outbreak, which could be a less free-for-all version of Zombies, a vehicle-based Truck Wars, and Plunder: Fire Sale.

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer will get new playlists as well, including the ridiculous-sounding Shiptember and Shootmember. They seem to be playful name riffs on two of the smallest maps in CoD, Shipment and Shoot House, for one entire month.

Realism Ground War Reinforce, a mode previously appearing in Infinite Warfare and Ghosts, will reportedly resurface as well. It’s a variant of the Domination mode with respawning disabled until an ally manages to secure a flag.