MerK encounters a hacker with a Juggernaut suit in Call of Duty: Warzone

Abandon all hope.

Image via Activision

Hacking in Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most annoying issues players can encounter. The cheaters are almost always able to kill with ease regardless of their skill level and ruin entire matches.

This becomes an even bigger issue when the hacker has a Juggernaut suit, though, like the hacker MerK encountered earlier today.

MerK was killed by a hacker in a Warzone match and continued to spectate the player to see how they performed. The player managed to equip a Juggernaut suit, which made them an unstoppable force. The increased firepower and ability to see players through walls made it almost impossible to counter. 

The hacker drove around in the back of a truck as they hunted down players attempting to hide inside buildings. But these attempts were futile as the Juggernaut’s mini-gun is capable of shooting through most surfaces. The hacker also shot players out of the sky who were dropping back in from The Gulag but were immediately killed again. MerK watched in horror as the cheating player continued their rampage. 

Cheating is a significant problem in Warzone that Infinity Ward has struggled to fix. Thousands of players have been banned, but many people still encounter hackers in matches. Players have also experienced other issues such as black screens at the beginning of games or their weapons being misaligned. But luckily most hackers don’t have a Juggernaut suit and few players have to experience the same powerful foe that MerK faced.