Call of Duty: Warzone glitch is causing weapons to be misaligned

There appears to be no easy fix for the issue.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are experiencing a new glitch that causes their weapon to be misaligned with where they’re aiming. This is a significant issue since it makes it difficult for players to be useful during a gunfight. 

A Warzone player uploaded a clip of them engaging an enemy team on a rooftop when the glitched occurred. The player attempted to shoot the enemy but noticed their bullets were landing in the lower-left corner of where they were aiming. The issue affected both of their weapons and was still present when their teammate dropped them their gun. 

It’s unclear what caused the glitch to occur, but the player did mention being stuck in a door that their teammate opened. The player couldn’t resolve the issue and eventually backed out since they couldn’t effectively fight enemies. 

Warzone has had several glitches that severely impact the game, such as the notorious texture glitch or the bug that allowed players to crash entire lobbies. Other players reported the same issue occurring in their matches, which means this isn’t an isolated incident. The player was playing on PC when they experienced the glitch, so it’s unclear if the issue is present on consoles. 

The issue isn’t listed on the Infinity Ward Trello board yet, but this will likely change if it becomes a widespread problem.