Infinity Ward is “fast-tracking” fix for graphical corruption bug in Call of Duty: Warzone

Help is finally on the way.

Image via Activision

Infinity Ward is finally working on fixing the graphical corruption bug that’s plagued Call of Duty: Warzone players for the past week. 

Infinity Ward released a statement today explaining that it’s “fast-tracking” a fix to address the issue. The bug occurs when certain weapons are equipped and in specific locations around the map. The glitch covers almost the entire screen and makes it difficult for players to defend themselves. 

Numerous streamers and content creators have voiced their frustrations with the issue recently and how it impacts their games. Dr Disrespect even posted a picture today of him using a weapon in Modern Warfare that’s affected by the bug. Many were happy about this announcement but were also upset with how long it’s taking Infinity Ward to address it. 

Popular streamer TimTheTatman responded to the announcement, thanking the developer for the update but also explaining how it would’ve been better a week ago. NICKMERCS also responded to the announcement claiming the bug has been an issue for far too long. 

Infinity Ward has not officially said when the bug will be fixed but it’s assured players that it’s “targeting to release this fix as soon as possible.” More details will be provided as the devs continue to work on the issue.