How to level up fast in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer

Players can get to level 55 quickly.

Image via Activision

Ranking up is a core element of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. Players can unlock weapons, perks, and more by using several methods that will maximize XP gain. 

There is a new Officer Rank system that is replacing the traditional Prestige system in Modern Warfare. Once players reach max level 55, they can enter the Officer Ranks, which reset the player’s rank and offer rewards for each additional level. The final rank is 100, but this will reset after every season. 

Like most games, Modern Warfare rewards game time. The more you play, the more XP you will gain. Players can rank up simply by attaining large amounts of kills or simply by winning matches. But there are other methods players can use to rank up quickly.

Game modes 

For gaining experience points, some game modes are more efficient than others. Quick Play offers five game modes in the core playlist. In general, players should attempt to play Objective game modes, since these tend to reward the most amount of experience points.

Cyber Attack and Search and Destroy are core game modes that reward 500 experience points per kill. But the round-based modes are inefficient for those desiring high-intensity gun-play. 

Domination and Headquarters provide large amounts of experience points for those that want to rack up a large number of kills and a high objective score. Both of which will result in additional experience points. 

The most efficient game mode to rank up is Ground War. Introduced in Patch 1.04, this large-scale conflict allows for high-kill games with multiple objectives, resulting in a large amount of experience points. 


Players are rewarded for game time in Modern Warfare. Daily challenges and missions are two of the easiest ways to gain large amounts of experience points over a short and long period of time. The daily challenges reward small amounts of experience points but take little time to complete. Whereas missions take a long period of time but reward large amounts of experience points. 

But players should select a mission to complete while finishing the Daily challenges. 

The most important Daily Challenges to complete are the 6,000 experience points reward tasks. Although usually the most difficult, they can be completed within an hour or two of game time. 

Multiplayer missions are one of the best methods for gaining the most amount of experience points over a longer period of time. Each mission has independent objective rewards, which grant a certain amount of points and loot. The best missions to gain the most amount of experience points are as follows: 

  • Shock and Awe—Awards 10,000 experience points after completion of all eight challenges. 
  • Call in 30 Personal Radar’s 
  • Get 25 kills with Shield Turrets 
  • Call in 30 UAVs
  • Call in 25 Care Packages 
  • Get 20 kills with Cluster Strikes 
  • Get 20 kills with Precision Airstrike 
  • Get 30 kills with Wheelson 
  • Get 20 kills with Chopper Gunner 
  • Well Equipped—Awards 10,000 experience points after completion of all eight challenges. 
  • Get 25 Thermite kills
  • Get 25 Frag grenade kills 
  • Stun 30 Enemies with Stun grenades 
  • Get 25 Molotov kills 
  • Get 20 Proxy Mine kills 
  • Get 25 Semtex Kills 
  • Regain 2500 Health with Stim 
  • Get 25 Throwing Knife kills 
  • Get 25 Thermite kills 

Other missions that award large amounts of experience points include Warrior’s code, Elite Sniper, and Perks of the Job. 


Although calling in effective kill-streaks such as the Gunship or Chopper Gunner result in high-kill games, they do not provide a large boost in experience points. 

Alternatively, players can destroy enemy UAV’s and Personal Radars in order to gain more experience points while playing a regular match. Considering these kill-streaks are called-in frequently, players can easily rack up a large amount of experience points by using a Rocket Launcher to destroy them. 

Ultimately, game time is the most important factor in ranking-up quickly. But players need to attempt to maximize the amount of experience gained in each match.