How to fix ‘Unable to Establish Secure Connection to Host’ Error in Call of Duty Warzone

What a rude host.

Screengrab via Activision

Whenever a new content patch rolls out, the number of players logging into Warzone increases drastically. Not only do old players come back to try out the new patch but the marketing efforts during the release of the patch also draw in new players. Under heavy load, the servers start cracking under pressure causing players to receive errors.

The “Unable to Establish Secure Connection to Host” is one of the many server-related errors that players can run into whenever the servers are having a bad time. Considering it prevents players from logging into the game, it can be the last thing you’d want to see just as you’re getting ready to play Warzone.

While you’ll need to wait for the developers to fix the servers to get rid of such errors for good, a couple of troubleshooting methods can make sure that the problem isn’t caused by anything on your side. You can even squeeze into the crowded servers as you’re trying one of these methods.

Here’s how you can fix the “Unable to Establish Secure Connection to Host” error in Warzone.

Restart Warzone

Though it may sound elementary, restarting Warzone will be the simplest and fastest solution you can apply on the spot. Whenever you start Warzone, you’ll be connecting to one of the closest servers to your location.

There will be multiple servers close to you in most cases, and you’ll automatically connect to the most optimal one. If the system redirects you to one of the servers that are having a bad day, you may receive an error like the “Unable to Establish Secure Connection to Host.” When you restart your game, you’ll be able to try your luck to connect to a different server which may not have any problems.

If you still get the same error after your first try, make sure to restart the game at least three times. In cases where the error still persists, you’ll need to move onto other fixes.

Restart your router and gaming device

Restarting your game five times and still not being able to get into Warzone may indicate that there might be a connection error caused by your internet service provider (ISP.) Your side of the connection depends on the routes that your ISP assigns to you, and they can also have problems of their own from time to time.

Resetting your router will allow you to try out alternative connection routes to Warzone’s servers, and doing the same for your gaming device will allow you to ensure that there aren’t any software-related errors that may also be the root of the problem.

Wait around twenty seconds to turn your router and gaming device back on and launch Warzone before running any other programs.

Change your DNS address or try out a different connection

Most players use the default DNS addresses that get assigned by their ISP. Though these servers work flawlessly, they can also go down from time to time. A DNS server going down can cause the internet to be sluggish, which can be enough for errors like the “Unable to Establish Secure Connection to Host” to appear.

You can use a commercially available DNS address to quickly troubleshoot your default one. Google and OpenDNS’s DNS addresses should do the trick and you may want to continue using them if the error disappears after changing your DNS: You can revert back to your default DNS address after a couple of days since it should also be fixed.

Alternatively, you can also try out using a different connection to see whether your home network is to blame for the “Unable to Establish Secure Connection to Host” error. The fastest way to do this will be through using the cellular data on your phone. You can either connect to your cellular data through Wi-Fi or use a USB cable for tethering.

If you can connect to Warzone without any issues with your cellular data, you may need to give a call to your ISP.

Call your ISP for a check-up

Support technicians working for your ISP are able to see all kinds of details regarding your connection. Explain the situation with the troubleshooting methods you’ve tried out so far and they should be able to run a diagnostic to find out whether there’s anything they can do.

If anything comes up during the check, your ISP can fix it with a reset on their end, or they may need you to perform some troubleshooting methods according to their guidelines.

Contact Activision

If there wasn’t anything your ISP could do, your last option would be contacting Activision through a support ticket. You’ll also need to explain your situation and all the troubleshooting methods you’ve tried out so far to fix the problem to give the support associate a head start. If possible, providing logs can also be essential since they can help when it comes to pinpointing the issue as fast as possible. 

The support staff usually returns to tickets in a day or so, but the timing may vary if there’s a huge influx of tickets which generally happens when there are widespread server errors. To pass the time while waiting, you can check out community hubs like Reddit to see if other players are experiencing the same error as you. Players may also share alternative solution methods that were able to fix the error for them on forums, making them valuable places to check out in the process.