How to fix dev error 6634 in Call of Duty: Warzone?

What error dares to ruin your gameplay session?

Screengrab via Activision

When you’re on fire, nothing ruins a Call of Duty: Warzone session like a random error. Dev error 6634 and other similar errors, for instance, cause players’ games to crash and kick them out of their lobby.

While you can shrug it off if you were just starting to loot, it may feel quite discouraging if this error happens toward the end of a match. Considering the error doesn’t come with an explanatory task and only includes a random number, it’s rather tricky to find the reason behind this error. 

Dev error 6634 has made a couple of appearances in the past and there are a couple of troubleshooting methods you can try out to fix it.

Here’s how you can fix the dev error 6634 in Warzone.

Make sure that you only have Warzone cosmetics and skins equipped

Image via Activision

When the dev error 6634 first appeared in Warzone, most players who reported the error had one aspect in common: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War cosmetics.

Cold War cosmetics and skins seemed to cause the dev error 6634 and making sure that you didn’t equip any was the way to bypass the error.

This later got fixed, but it’s still one of the solutions you should try if you happen to run into this error in the future.

Free up your RAM and VRAM

Warzone can be a resource hog at times, especially if you keep running it for a while. Warzone may suffer from memory leaking in some systems, meaning it’ll start using more of your RAM or VRAM as you keep it running.

One of the best ways to fix this will be through restarting the game after every match. Doing so will reset the game’s memory usage.

Using programs like MSI Afterburner to keep an eye on how your system is doing can save you from restarting the game after every match since you’ll be able to notice when your system actually starts to struggle, which may take more than a few matches.

Reinstall Warzone

This is a troubleshooting method that no Warzone player wants to try due to the size of the game. While it takes a long time to download Warzone, especially if you have slow internet, it’s an excellent way to make sure that the error isn’t appearing due to corrupted game files.

A fresh install means that the state of your game files has nothing to do with the error and it’s a general troubleshooting method that can be effective against different error types.

Check if the error is affecting other users

If classic troubleshooting methods couldn’t fix dev error 6634, there might be a server-wide outage that’s affecting all of the players and causing them to receive this error. 

Check if the Warzone servers are down. If they’re down for maintenance or due to other reasons, chances are the error might be appearing due to circumstances beyond your control. You’ll have no option but to wait for a fix to roll out in such cases, which usually doesn’t take that long.

Keeping an eye on community hubs like Reddit can also be essential since you’ll find other players who may share new solution methods that were able to fix the error for them.

Send a support ticket

Sending a support ticket will be your last resort to fix dev error 6634. Explain all the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried in your ticket and include screengrabs or even a video. This will make it easier for the support team to find out why you may have been receiving dev error 6634.

The response times can depend on the time of the year and how busy the support staff is, but you can generally expect a reply within two to three business days. The reply may include additional troubleshooting methods for you to try or they may ask you to provide more details.

The support team will have all the tools to tackle such pesky errors and you should be able to return to the action in no time.

If you have lots of free time on your hands and would like to try every possible fix out there, you can consider trying out fixes for other dev errors. Though these dev errors appear for different reasons and are bound to have different causes, trying out other troubleshooting steps could help while you wait for a solution or a response from support.

A fix that worked for a dev error may start working for another one, but you should only try them out if you have lots of time on your hands. Players who are short on time will be better off waiting for a fix to roll out since some troubleshooting methods can take a while to apply.

It doesn’t mean that you should walk away from Warzone while you’re waiting for a fix, though. You can spend the downtime studying the game through YouTube guides and learning new ways to improve your gameplay. This way, you’ll look forward to your next Warzone session since you’ll have lots of new tricks to try out in your first match.