Greekgodx hits impressive RPG shot in Call of Duty: Warzone

Can't see the enemy vehicle? No problem.

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RPGs are often overlooked in Call of Duty: Warzone. The explosive weapon is a common drop that can be found easily throughout the map and is often dropped for higher-tier weapons. The RPG does a lot of damage to enemies and vehicles, however, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Popular streamer Greekgodx showed just how useful the RPG can be with a well-timed shot on an enemy vehicle yesterday on stream.

Greekgodx was playing Warzone when he noticed an enemy vehicle approaching on the mini-map. The enemy team had no idea greekgodx and his squad were near them and were simply driving by on a nearby street. Greekgodx wasn’t ready to let the team escape and decided to try to RPG the vehicle as it drove by.

Greekgodx listened for the engine and perfectly timed his RPG shot, which eliminated the entire team. His entire squad was surprised that the shot connected and immediately ran over to collect the enemy team’s loot.

“That was actually fucking sick dude,” Greekgod said. “Holy shit.”

The RPG is a phenomenal weapon when used correctly, so think twice before leaving it on the ground in your next Warzone game.

Greekgodx has come a long way over the past few months. He was briefly banned from Twitch last year but was eventually allowed to stream again. He was recently signed by TSM as a content creator and also hit one million followers on Twitch earlier this year.

Greekgodx has been grinding several different games over the past couple of months, including Warzone. This likely isn’t the last impressive shot fans will see from the variety streamer.