Dr Disrespect eliminates final 3 players in Call of Duty: Warzone

The Doc can't be stopped.

Photo via MLG

Dr Disrespect is the “two-time world champion” for a reason. He played Call of Duty: Warzone with Nadeshot and Cloakzy earlier today and secured the win by finishing off the last three enemies.

Dr Disrespect and his squad were engaging the last enemy team in the final circle. Doc managed to down an enemy pushing him in a vehicle and swiftly eliminated the player. He then turned his attention to an enemy on top of a container who had a vantage point on the entire team. Doc eliminated the player who was already low and brought the game to a three-vs-one.

The Doc didn’t need any help, however, and pushed up to engage the final enemy. The last opponent managed to get the jump on Dr Disrespect and dealt a solid amount of damage, but the Doc eliminated the player with a few well-placed shots to win the game. Dr Disrespect immediately celebrated with his teammates and finished the game with 14 kills. The team had 36 kills combined, which is also no small feat.

Dr Disrespect has been a fan of Warzone so far. He recently told his stream that he enjoys the map design and that it feels like a large world. The Doc did have a complaint about the sound design, however, and claimed it was the reason he was sent to the Gulag early in a match.

Regardless of the setback with the sound design, fans will likely see more impressive Warzone clips from the Doc as he continues to grind the game.