Dr Disrespect says in-game audio is distracting in Call of Duty: Warzone

He almost snapped his headset in frustration.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect might be a partner with Call of Duty, but yesterday, he had some less than kind things to say about the audio in the franchise’s new battle royale game.

After dying early in a game of Warzone, Doc commented that he wasn’t able to hear when teams were flanking around him, making it impossible for him to protect himself or his teammates.

“How come I can’t here a team from behind pushing five feet away?” he said. “It fucking blows my mind man.”

Immediately following the death, he was put in a one-vs-one skirmish in the Gulag that included a lot of peripheral noise, which only added to his irritation.

“If I fucking mute this game, I would play way better,” Dr Disrespect said. “It’s just a distraction. I’ve got the fucking crowd coming up here going ‘Ah. Ah. Ah.’ And I can’t hear a goddamn thing.”

While Dr Disrespect’s anger typically comes across as calculated and intended to entertain his audience, the Two-Time showed how genuine his frustration was when he took off his headset and half-jokingly said that he wanted to simply rip apart his custom red and black Turtle Beach headset. The equipment has served as one of the most iconic pieces of his branding for years.

Earlier this week, the Doc praised Warzone for having what he perceives to be excellent map design that helps to give the game a realistic sense of space and location. Yesterday marked his second straight day playing the game. Over 14 hours, he’s averaged 38,801 viewers, according to Stream Hatchet.