DMZ Season 5 will introduce AI that use killstreaks, disguise kits, and super self-revives

The factions are at war. Time to start looting.

A group of operators traveling by boat underground in Call of Duty DMZ.
Image via Activision Blizzard

All out conflict between the factions in DMZ is breaking out in season five, giving the players that love the exfiltration mode of Call of Duty: Warzone the opportunity to plunder cash and goods from the chaos. A handful of fascinating new features will also shake up the core gameplay loop.

Per the official season five blog post today, all of the DMZ factions including the newest one in Konni are fighting it out in new Active Combat Zones. These special areas of the map will see the AI from each faction calling in killstreaks on each other, providing both cover and additional danger to your looting game. But the rewards should be worth it, with “higher-quality supplies and gear” more readily available.

Not all factions will be interested in you though; the Shadow Company has apparently lost control of Building 21, and are turning to you to help take it back from Konni. This means for all Operators, Shadow Company are now considered allies, and will not fire upon player Operators unless they are fired upon first.

As for the other factions, a new upgrade will help you blend right in. Season five will introduce the Disguise Field Upgrade, which allows you to appear as a member of an enemy AI faction. Combatants from that faction will not fire on you if you’re wearing their disguise, but it’s unclear currently if there’s a one-disguise-fits-all upgrade, or if the disguise will be specific to individual factions.

For those caught up in firefights, a new Battle Revive item has been added, mixing the self-revive with Battle Rage. Upon self-reviving using Battle Revive, you will automatically activate Battle Rage when you get to your feet. A Self-Revive Box is also an equip-able field upgrade, providing multiple self-revive kits to a squad.

New missions and urgent missions will also be added with the season five update, which is expected to go live on Aug. 2 at 11am CT.


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