Crimsix claims Toronto Ultra “deceived and lied” to its Call of Duty League roster

Toronto hasn't commented on these accusations yet.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

Three-time Call of Duty world champion Crimsix came to the defense of veteran Loony last night.

After posting a clip of a podcast in which the participants questioned the Seattle Surge’s decision to sign Loony, who played for the Toronto Ultra in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League, Crimsix started a thread where he discussed some of Toronto’s alleged actions in 2020.

Crimsix posted a clip from the CAEsports podcast, which focuses on the Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant, a professional Overwatch team. The two hosts claimed Loony, a substitute player for the Ultra during the inaugural season, gave the team no reason to keep him on the lineup. They also claimed Loony didn’t deserve his new spot on the Surge and that Seattle should’ve gone after other players. 

Crimsix disagreed with these claims and said he believes Loony makes his teammates better, an attribute he thinks is often ignored in the Call of Duty League. Most players and fans disagreed with the podcast hosts’ statements regarding Loony. Attach, another pro who recently joined the Minnesota RØKKR, also chimed in, saying Loony is one of the best teammates he ever had. 

Crimsix also shed some light on how the Toronto Ultra allegedly treated its roster during the inaugural season. He claimed that the Ultra forced its “full roster” to stay in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic, “threatening to not pay non-starters if they went home.” He also claimed that Brack, a substitute player for the Ultra, had to fight for the chance to return home for his grandfather’s open-heart surgery. 

Brack responded, claiming Toronto never paid him for the month when he returned home and that the organization has significantly set back his career. Crimsix explained that Toronto allegedly heard this “excuse” before, referring to Classic, who also needed to return home for his grandfather. 

Screengrab via Twitter

In addition, Crimsix said there are “rumors” that Toronto allegedly wants a 50/50 prize winnings split with its players during the 2021 season despite “underpaying” its roster. Crimsix finished his thread by claiming Toronto is “one of the most anti-player organizations I’ve ever seen.” 

Screengrab via Twitter

The CAEsports podcast doubled down on its opinions of Loony, claiming that if this was the situation between the players and organization, all parties agreed to the established contract. Crimsix responded, explaining that Toronto “deceived and lied” to its players, claiming they were contractually obligated to stay. There’s allegedly another segment of the contract that says organizations can’t force their players to live in a required location to receive their salary, according to Crimsix. And he said this was in every Call of Duty League contract. 

None of this information has been officially confirmed and Toronto hasn’t commented on these accusations yet.