Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone players get another double XP weekend, can receive free Forbidden Sacrifice bundle and 10 battle pass skips

Oh, free stuff.

Image via Activision

Season two of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone started just a few days ago on Feb. 14, pushed back from an initial launch date of Feb. 2. To make up for the delay, Call of Duty is hosting a Max double XP long weekend from Feb. 18 to 22 and giving away some free items.

Anyone who logs in and plays from Feb. 18 at 12pm CT to Feb. 22 at 12pm CT will get double experience for all categories: regular XP, weapon XP, operator XP, battle pass XP, and clan XP (Clan XP is for Vanguard only).

Additionally, players can acquire the Forbidden Sacrifice Bundle for free if they sign on and play during the weekend. After the weekend, the bundle will be moved to the store and will no longer be free. The bundle features a legendary operator skin, two legendary weapon blueprints (one for an SMG and one for an AR), and a single battle pass tier skip.

Players will also get an additional 10 battle pass tier skips, bringing the total they can acquire during the weekend up to 11.

The double XP weekend plus the gifted items should lead to a boost in players from both the active and returning category. Season two added a huge number of changes to Warzone, including various quality-of-life improvements, fixes, and updates. Some new gameplay additions, locations, and vehicles have been added as well.

Vanguard added new maps, perks, equipment, weapons, and killstreaks. Ranked play is set to be added as well, despite the launch for that being pushed back due to technical issues on the developer’s side.