Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community is complaining about the removal of Shoot House 24/7

Yesterday’s update took out the popular game mode.

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players might complain about Shoot House’s precarious spawning, but many enjoy the tiny map for what it is—a chaotic, killing frenzy. The map encourages a fast-paced playstyle where you’re less likely to run into campers and can focus more on brainlessly fun action. But the popular 24/7 mode was replaced in yesterday’s update with Crash instead, sparking an uproar from the community.

A quick “Shoot House” search on the Modern Warfare subreddit reveals post after post of frustrated players begging for the popular game mode to come back. Players feel that the 24/7 mode was entertaining and fun, unlike some other maps that support a more defensive playstyle.

“This was the only mode I could play that had nonstop action and now it’s gone,” one player said in a Reddit post. “In regular modes you had to run around the map for five minutes before you could even find someone, and when you do find someone, that person is camping in a corner.”

Other players claim that the simplicity of Shoot House is what made it so appealing to its player base. There are only a couple of spots you need to check when turning a corner, running for a few seconds will always yield an enemy to shoot at, and the mayhem churns out faster XP progression, according to another player’s Reddit post.

The desire to bring back Shoot House 24/7 is even echoed by pro players in the competitive scene. New York Subliners’ Donovan “Temp” Laroda tweeted his disappointment at the 24/7 mode’s removal yesterday.

Two-time Halo world champion and Florida Mutineers player Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom replied to Temp, saying Shoot House 24/7 was the “only way” he’d play public games.

While the popular 24/7 game mode may have been taken out, players can still hop into the Shoot House madness in private and public matches.