Censor joins Triumph Gaming, the New York Subliners’ new Challengers team

The veteran will compete alongside FeLo, Royalty, and Nagafen.

Sceengrab via Censor

The New York Subliners are partnering with Triumph Gaming, who will be their affiliate Call of Duty League Challengers team, the organization announced today. Censor is joining Triumph’s roster and will make his first competitive appearance with the team this weekend. 

Censor came out of retirement last October and joined the New York Subliners as a substitute. He’s a former national champion who finished in first place with Quantic Nex-TT-hreat at the 2011 MLG National Championship. Censor is still a substitute for the Subliners but will also now compete with Triumph in the Challengers League. 

Censor expressed his excitement about joining the team in an announcement video today. 

“I’ve been looking forward to something like this all year long.” Censor said. “Now that I have this one chance, I’m just going to make the most of it.”

New York’s partnership with Triumph is huge news for Censor. He’s been vocal about his opinions on substitute players in the Call of Duty League this year and how they’re set up for failure. Players in the Challengers League, such as Mack, established themselves as talented players and were signed by professional teams. Meanwhile, substitute players have been stuck on the bench for most teams with little hope of being promoted. 

Now, Censor will finally have another chance to compete with a talented group of players. Triumph’s roster consists of Censor, FeLo, Nagafen, Royalty, and Standy. Former professional player Mochila is the team’s head coach. Almost all of the players on Triumph’s lineup have years of experience in the competitive Call of Duty scene.

Censor and the Triumph lineup will make their first competitive appearance in the Call of Duty NA New York Subliners Open on July 11. The New York Subliners play their first match in the Call of Duty League’s New York Home Series against the Minnesota RØKKR later today at 7:30pm CT.