Call of Duty: Warzone players find glitched pillar in Stadium

Avoid pillars until further notice.

Image via Activision

The Stadium in Call of Duty: Warzone opened at the beginning of season five and has become a hot spot in most matches.

Players dive into the Stadium looking for high-tier loot and access to the secret rooms on each floor. But anyone who dives into this location should be aware of a new glitch spot that provides a 360 view and invincibility to the player inside. 

A Warzone player highlighted the broken spot in Stadium last night and showed how bullets don’t penetrate the pillar. This means that whoever is inside the pillar can take out unsuspecting players without any risk of damage. The pillar also has a decent view of the outside area around Stadium, so anyone with a long-range weapon can cause significant damage. 

The glitched pillar has been an issue since the start of season five. Popular Call of Duty streamer MerK was recently killed by a player hiding in the glitched pillar who was invisible on their screen. But on the enemy’s screen, MerK was an easy target. 

This broken pillar isn’t the only glitch Warzone players need to worry about. Items are falling through the floor at different locations around the map and an invisible tarp glitch is giving some players an unfair advantage. 

Infinity Ward is aware of the invisible tarp glitch and recently worked quickly to fix a weapon model corruption bug. The broken pillar isn’t listed on the Infinity Ward Trello Board yet, however.